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Toddlers Playing With Clay

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Little Stars Daycare
Childcare | Childminding | Nursey
Mitcham, Tooting and Streatham.

Nursery School

Our Philosophy

At Little Stars Daycare, we embrace a philosophy aimed at providing each and every child with an optimal foundation for a promising future.


Our approach is centered on tailoring our services to cater to the unique requirements of children from various backgrounds and diverse experiences.


We are committed to fostering an environment where every child is not only valued but actively engaged.


Our Core Belief

Our core belief is in inclusivity, ensuring that every child is an integral part of all our activities. We prioritize creating an atmosphere that celebrates diversity and promotes understanding among children. By recognizing and embracing individuality, we create a nurturing space where children can thrive and develop their potential to the fullest.


Our Childcare Services

At Little Stars Daycare, we understand that each family's nursey needs are unique. That is why we try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate you and your family. Our team is dedicated to understanding your individual nursey requirements and tailoring our services to meet them. We strive to ensure that your experience with us is as stress-free and hassle-free as possible.

Art Class


Little Stars Daycare is a bespoke childminding service with the flexibility to meet the individual needs of parents. With a focus on igniting passions in children through a variety of activities, we create tranquil spaces where children can learn, play and create. Each day we make sure to take time to visit the outdoors to explore the natural world.


At Little Stars Day Care, we don’t just look after your children, we nurture them and provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to thrive.

Boy at Daycare


We understand how hard it can be for parents to balance work and home life, which is why we offer babysitting services for out-of-hours. Whether it’s last-minute plans for a night out or a spa day, we have you covered at reasonable prices. We offer a safe and nurturing environment for your children to learn and grow. Our team of experienced childminders is passionate about providing the best care for your little ones.

Drawing Together at Daycare

Progress Checks

We ensure parents are constantly informed about their child's progress through our parent app, offering insights into daily activities such as meals, sleep times, and participated activities. Additionally, we furnish a comprehensive report at age 2 and upon the child's departure to school, summarizing their journey and accomplishments.



Our focus is on blending the EYFS 0-5 years curriculum with a Montessori emphasis.

Our approach fosters vital life skills through child-led activities, promoting social, personal, and emotional development. Through hands-on play, children engage and cultivate the fundamental abilities required for a well-rounded life.



Our children take part in preparing and cooking the food they eat. This encourages them to develop a healthy relationship with fresh ingredients and home made meals, while at the same time sharpening their motor skills. We are sure that our children will enjoy learning and having fun in the kitchen.



We provide a nurturing environment filled with stories, rhymes and poems that will help our children explore the world of reading and develop their language in early childhood. We believe that books open up a world of possibilities and help children grow into bright, creative and imaginative individuals.

Playing Outdoors

Outdoor Fun

We believe that outdoor activities are essential for children's growth and development. Our outdoor play area with plenty of space and engaging activities that will spark interest and curiosity in the natural world. We are also located near beautiful parks, libraries, farms, and children theatre. so that children can explore and learn more about their environment. Our outdoor fun activities help to build confidence and self awareness in a safe and stimulating environment.


Cultural & Diversity 

We warmly embrace and honour the diverse cultures of all our children, integrating their individual backgrounds into our activities, cuisine, and literature. Our inclusive approach ensures that every child feels valued and included, fostering a sense of belonging. This encompasses commemorating significant cultural events, creating a nurturing environment where every child's identity is celebrated.

Eating Healthy Breakfast


We provide well-balanced, and nutritious homemade meals, enriched with our own greenhouse-grown fruits and vegetables, and all meat sourced from our local halal certified butcher. With a four-week rotational menu, we cater to all dietary preferences, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Stay connected through our parent app, where you can easily access menus.


Throughout the day, children will have access to fresh water, milk, and wholesome snacks, ensuring their nourishment and well-being.


Join Our Team

Are you passionate about nurturing young minds? Join our team as a Full-Time Childcare Assistant and play a crucial role in shaping the future of our children. If you're enthusiastic and dedicated, we invite you to apply below and become a part of our childcare community.

Email Your CV to

Where To Find Us

1 Min walk from Mitcham Eastfield Train Station with direct links to London Victoria (15 min via Train) and Surrey.

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